Meet The Team


Karen Grant


Kristen Darlington

We can see our full selves only when we acknowledge both

the light and the shadow within us.

~ Zainab Salbi

Our Mission

We are the BOLD ladies of

Elevate the Masses.

Our mission is to be

Beacons Of Light Shining into the Darkness.

Sandy Beach

Our Vision

We have Source inspired work to do.


We have love, laughter, and

deep connections to make.


We have souls to meet, lessons to learn,

and messages to share.


We have awakening to do. We have love to give and light to spread.


We have soul healing to do.


We have inner peace, stillness and profound joy for all humankind to experience.


We have ripples to make and choices to create.


We have BOLD, DARING lives we are LIVING.